Keen Property Management coordinates and manages a chain of stores run by Biloxi Holdings sp. z o.o., Ashton sp. z o.o. and Galeria Victoria Supermarket sp. z o.o. in the Plaza Rzeszów Shopping Center, Galeria Victoria and Retail Park in Wałbrzych. The portfolio of Biloxi Holdings includes stores of well-known clothing brands such as 50 Style as well as Bacówka stores with traditional products. Galeria Victoria Supermarket, as the name suggests, runs a EUROSPAR supermarket in Galeria Victoria in Wałbrzych with an extended range of food and household chemicals supplemented with industrial products. The store is distinguished by a modern design and the Bean Tree Caffe cafe zone where our customers can drink coffee or tea and eat a cake, sandwich or pastries from our bakery. KPM additionally deals with the management of facilities in which the above-mentioned service premises are located. The company also provides accounting, administrative and legal services for the above-mentioned companies. Keen Property Management plans to further expand its business and expand its portfolio of brands under management also in other locations.


  • 50 Style

    50 Style

    The store under the 50Style brand is located in the Plaza Rzeszow Shopping Center and in Galeria Victoria in Walbrzych, the total area of the stores is about 600 m². 50Style stands for versatility, diversity and concern for customer satisfaction. The 50Style store chain offers brand-name products for the whole family at affordable prices, such as Nike Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Umbro, Feewear - these are just some of the chain's Partners. 50Style continues to expand its offerings to enhance customer satisfaction. There are already more than 137 stationary stores of the brand in Europe. However, 50Style is not only stationary stores, it is also a dynamically developing online store,, where Customers can do fast and successful shopping without leaving home.

  • Bacówka


    The 50-square-meter Bacówka is located in the Plaza Rzeszow Shopping Center. All products are prepared based on age-old, proven recipes. The unique taste and aroma of cold meats is due to carefully selected meat, cured with a proprietary blend of spices and smoked in beech, alder or juniper smoke. For several years Bacówka has been developing the production of high-quality products WITHOUT GLUTEN and a line WITHOUT CONSERVANTS, and also offers its customers delicious preserves and dairy products from small family farms.



    Galeria Victoria Supermarket sp. z o.o. from March 31, 2022, he runs a store operating in the supermarket segment under the name EUROSPAR, as part of a partner network. SPAR is a network widely recognized in Poland, with over 200 stores operating under its brand. EUROSPAR, the largest supermarket format in the SPAR organization, occupies an area of over 1,480 m2 in Galeria Victoria located at 1 Maja 64, and offers its customers a wide range of top-quality food and chemical products, as well as satisfies the most important needs in the field of industrial products. The advantage of the EUROSPAR supermarket are the daily deliveries of vegetables and fruit, fresh meat, cold cuts from its own smokehouse, baked goods from its own bakery or cheese and a wide selection of Bio products. Each of the EUROSPAR customers in Galeria Victoria will find products suitable for them from a wide assortment.

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